Group Education

We offer a broad range of multidisciplinary group education/workshops for women and families of all ages and life stages, including pregnancy, postpartum, menopause and parenting.


bringing baby home

Using the Possums Approach – a gentle, evidence-based and commonsense approach to parenting and infant care – we help families bring more joy to those early days with a new baby by equipping you with evidence-based information about newborn development. 


We will help you to understand your values, the concept of cued care, why babies cry, what is normal, what isn’t normal and how this helps to pave an easier path while parenting in those early days, weeks and months with your new baby.


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physic birth & recovery package

Nova Physio Birth & Recovery package is designed to help you prepare your pelvic floor for birth, and optimise your postpartum recovery. It includes a 90- minute group education session, and an individual pelvic floor physiotherapy assessment.


You will learn about your pelvic floor and techniques to reduce birth related pelvic floor injury (including perineal tear prevention), pelvic mobility, pain management strategies (including the application of labour TENS), and positioning for birth, alongside advice regarding your postpartum recovery.


The program is ideal for antenatal patients between 28-36 weeks.


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The Positive Birth Program by Hypnobirthing Australia

The Positive Birth Program program is a comprehensive childbirth education that not only teaches you what to expect and how to support your birthing body, but also the options available to you during your pregnancy and birth.

Our program focuses on the practical things you and your partner can do to make birthing a calmer and more comfortable experience.

Our course is perfect for you if you:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Want to experience a positive and empowered birth.
  • Want to feel confident and prepared for whatever path birth may take.
  • Want to learn tools to keep you calm and manage the intensity of birth.
  • Want your birth partner to know what they can do to support you during your birth.
  • Want to transform fear into excitement for birth.


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the Positive Birth Program


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mums & bubs

An evidence based, multidisciplinary 5-week program. Based on a shared medical appointment structure with up to 8 mums (or dads) and their babies attending 90 minute weekly sessions aimed at addressing:

  • Birth trauma
  • Postnatal depression and anxiety 
  • Wound care
  • Newborn sleep optimisation 
  • Pelvic floor education
  • Newborn feeding- breast or bottle ·Diet education
  • Weight monitoring in the newborn period ·Postnatal stretch and breathwork
  • Returning to exercise after birth ·Return to sex after birth
  • Newborn developmental milestone education
  • New family wellbeing and relationship resilience building
  • Facilitation of peer support network and community building


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mum matters

A psychologist led group for Mums of babies up to 12months old, who have identified they need additional support in adjusting to parenthood.


Over four weeks we will aim to increase psychological and emotional wellbeing by:

  • Gaining understanding of your symptoms and experience of Perinatal anxiety/depression/stress and why they occur.
  • Expectations of motherhood and yourself
  • Explore strategies to minimise stress, assist in regulating and deescalating when feeling overwhelmed/rage/anxiety.
  • Build and soften language around yourself and your experience of parenthood,
  • Realign you with your own values to move towards living a meaningful and rich life during this perinatal period


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starting solids

The Starting Solids workshop is a collaboration between Nova Health Co and One Handed Cooks. The workshop provides an introduction to an evidence-based approach to starting solids, with a focus on creating happy, safe and secure mealtimes for your baby and whole family. Feel more confident to introduce a wide variety of foods, flavours and

textures to their baby, as well as troubleshoot and navigate fussy phases. Included in the workshop price is an introductory One Handed Cooks Starting Solids membership.


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early milestone infant development program

An evidence based early intervention physiotherapy program in group setting over a 6 week program. Open to all babies, however would be of great benefit to babies with identified risk factors for gross and fine motor delay, plagiocephaly, torticollis, positional talipes. Program developed for 0-12 months.

  • Learn how to support and promote your baby’s gross motor development
  • Interactive, fun and relaxed group setting
  • Meet like- minded parents


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core connection series

The Core Connection Series (Postpartum) is designed to help new mums understand and support their postpartum bodies, and optimize the recovery of their pelvic floor, core, and postural muscles. 


Our Women’s Health Physiotherapists and Accredited Exercise

Physiologists will assess your abdominal separation, address pelvic floor concerns and provide expert education on how to safely return to functional exercise.

The program is appropriate from 6 weeks postpartum and encompasses education, exercise, and the opportunity to connect and socialize with other new mothers.


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emotion coaching

Based on the principles of ‘Tuning Into Kids’, this workshop provides an introduction to emotion-focussed parenting. It provides parents with skills in emotion coaching, which is about recognising, understanding and managing their own and their child’s emotions. 


Parents will learn how to develop the emotional connection between themselves and

their child, by responding to their child using an emotion coaching parenting style. 


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tackling toddlerhood

The Tackling Toddlerhood series supports parenting during the transition from baby-hood to toddler-hood. Ideal for parents of children aged 1-3 years.


This series will explore:

  • Parenting values
  • Self-care and co-regulation
  • Emotion coaching and managing challenging behaviour’s
  • Family mealtimes
  • Introduction to protective behaviours


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tuning into kids
For parents and carers of children aged 3-12 years who want to adopt an Emotion Coaching parenting style in their home. We explore ways to deepen your connection with your child though understanding their emotional experience.   This program will address:
  • Emotion coaching
  • Parenting Styles
  • Self-care
  • Solution focused problem solving
  • Understanding emotion regulation and behaviour management
  • Building the parent-child connection

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Safe Kids, Protective Behaviours Workshop for Parents

Facilitated by Illuminate Psychology Services. 


Safe Kids is a protective behaviour workshop for parents of children (Kindy to Year 6). 


It is an approach to parenting and child safety which places value on empowering children to know their body, the rules of their body and how to judge safe and unsafe situations. 


In this workshop, we deliver information and education to parents on how to tackle challenging conversations about private parts, personal safety, boundaries, secrets vs surprises and identifying safe adults in their lives. 


This information is accompanied by hands on activities to complete with your children, provided to you in hardcopy at the time of the workshop. 


This workshop will arm parents with activities, skills and confidence to be their child’s first teacher in this domain, which will build trust in the relationship overtime. 


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puberty education

Coming soon!

perimenopause & beyond

menopause matters

Menopause Matters is a multidisciplinary education program designed for women who are approaching or currently experiencing symptoms related to Menopause.


This program is ideal for those women wanting to learn about:

  • Medical management options
  • Mental health support
  • Pelvic floor health
  • Nutrition considerations
  • Exercise benefits for bone health
  • Maintaining a healthy weight range


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