Women’s & Fetal Ultrasound

We provide specialised women’s health & fetal ultrasound services via our experienced women’s health and obstetric sonographer, Simone Francis, and Dr Carl Henman, obstetric GP and fetal sonologist. Dr Henman performs and/or reports on your scans and communicates the results with your referrer, allowing high-quality point of care support.  


If the unfortunate situation should arise where your pregnancy is regarded as high-risk, or your baby is suspected of having an abnormality, Dr Henman has established relationships with multiple tertiary fetal medicine units. Hence you can keep a local presence in your journey even if you are referred to a larger centre for further management.

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Ultrasound services provided or reported by Dr Henman include:

  • Any pregnancy related scan:
    • Common assessments include dating scans, first trimester (11-14 week) screening, mid-pregnancy scan (20-22 weeks), growth scans (34-36 weeks)
    • Detailed scanning and reporting for suspected pregnancy or fetal complications.  
    • More frequent assessments are also provided for those women having twins. 
  • Any female pelvic ultrasound:
    • Indications for this may include endometriosis, ovarian cysts, pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding or painful intercourse. 
  • Follicle tracking and endometrial thickness assessment when required for assistive reproductive processes. 


A current referral is required, and medicare rebates may be applicable. 


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